Introducing 'Cozy Ambassadors'

Introducing 'Cozy Ambassadors'

It's our pleasure to introduce the new ambassador programme by Cozy. Anyone with a following can apply, whether it's on TikTok, Snapchat or Instagram. No matter how big or small the following, we believe that everyone has a voice and everyone can be an ambassador. 

This is why it's our pleasure to introduce Cozy Ambassadors, giving everyone an opportunity to promote products sold on and via Cozy. This programme entails to give everyone who's passionate about marketing and building an audience a chance to collaborate with high-caliber brands which appeal to their audience. 

Joe Todd, Chief Executive Officer of Cozy and Chief Marketing Officer of Shoppable Inc., made the following statement:

"Importance of collaboration and openess is in our ethos, we want everyone to have the chance to promote the products sold by our power brands that may appeal to their audience. Having worked with multi-billion dollar companies in the past, and collaborating with celebrated people gave us the idea that anyone could have influence within their own niche, whether it's on Instagram or TikTok. This is why we're very happy to announce that we are partnering with BrandChamp's to bring this idea into fruition."

Terry McGinnis, Chief Executive Officer of Shoppable Inc., made an additional statement: 

"Trends show that most people tend to listen to their friends and act upon their advice and word of mouth rather than what someone with 1,000,000 followers has to say. We've thought about this for a little while, and had seen previous sucess with influencer campaigns on B2B side of things with Dropshyp. We believe this introduction to B2C side of things will yield great results not only for the ambassadors but also brands that we work with."

Whether you're a macro, micro or a global-scale influencer, you can apply by clicking here.