Cozy Launches Shoppability Function

Cozy Launches Shoppability Function

Terry McGinnis, Group President & Chief Executive Officer of Shoppable Inc., parent company of Shoppable Ltd., has announced today release of new shoppability functionality that is set to roll out across Cozy and related properties from December 1st, 2020. 

"We're very excited to extend functionality already offered across Dropshyp to vendors and our partners in the UK. This marks a monumental achievement not only in development of a more interactive shopping experience but also as a way for users to experience products in a new way. 

We've done numerous trials across our different brands and with our advertising partners such as Spott, Google and Microsoft (Bing) for advertising purposes of product and saw great success and returns with Dropshyp. People love to have the ability to interact with the content they are most comfortable with; we had very positive responses from blog and site owners who would feature images and videos with the shoppable function in-tact. We saw 421% increase in affiliate sales of the promoted products. 

We worked with our development partners to extend this functionality and better adapt it to different array of screen sizes and devices, we now even offer fully 3D video and 360 views - fully interactable within any browser." 

One of the first vendors to take advantage of this functionality is a UK based Garden Furniture supplier, Flower Garden who are taking advantage of the new shoppability functionality. 

Shoppable Images


360 Shoppable Images


Shoppable Video


Joe Todd, Managing Director and Chief Executive Officer of the British based subsidiary Shoppable Ltd., added to the statement:

"We're not just a small corporation trying to compete with the big guys - we actually think about technology, and how to improve our users' lives, whether it be vendors or buyers. We're very excited to be working with likes of Google and Microsoft to promote our wonderful array of products. 

We're already integrating suppliers such as Flower Garden to use some of our wonderfully crafted technology."