Introducing the Cozy Concierge

Introducing the Cozy Concierge

Have you ever needed help choosing a product, or wanted to find answers to your questions? Cozy is now introducing an on-site concierge service, providing all of our shoppers with a personalized experience not only in finding the perfect product but also receiving support, whether it’s with shipment of their product or contacting someone from our dedicated support.

Joe Todd, Managing Director and Chief Executive Officer of Shoppable Ltd., parent company of Cozy made the following statement;

“Shopping is becoming more personal, long gone are the days of mindlessly browsing pages upon pages of products to find the perfect one. We’re doing something other platforms are still lacking behind in, giving each of our shoppers a personal touch – whether you’re trying to find the perfect product or need some help with an order, or your account, our Concierge will take care of all of it, right there and then.

We’ve seen great success when we implemented this feature in some of our other properties such as Dropshyp, with conversion rates increasing by 67% and customer satisfaction increasing tenfold.

The entire board of directors is very excited for this new addition, and we hope this helps so many of our customers who have an idea of what they want, but do not know what to search for.”

The new service will employ people to act as virtual concierge staff, helping shoppers from 9:00 AM to 6:30 PM GMT.