Shoppable Inc. Launches Cozy

Shoppable Inc. Launches Cozy

With recent successes in e-commerce, Shoppable Inc., is expanding into European markets with it's first big launch being

Shoppable Inc.'s Chief Marketing Officer, Mr. Todd has made the following statement:

We've seen such enormous success with Dropshyp - and believe that it's opportune time for us to expand into other markets as well, not just U.S. but economies who are constantly growing, that of U.K. 

After numerous discussions with our investors, partners, advisers and other important stakeholders we have decided to take the next leap, and after several acquisitions of Media & Entertainment brands, which were U.K. centric we have decided to put substantial effort and investment into bringing a better shopping experience to U.K. consumers. 

We had discussions with numerous think tanks, experts and also our advisory board in the U.S., and have came to a conclusion that U.K., is one of the best markets to invest not only money, but our time. We believe that the post-Brexit economy will be time of great growth and expansion and we're very happy to work with our European partners to give them unprecedented access to such a market. 

Mr. Todd will take reign as Chief Executive Officer and Managing Director of the U.K. based subsidiary starting November. 

It's an enormous honour to have your accomplishments and achievements within a company you helped build as a Marketing Officer be recognized to such an extent that you're given one of the highest honours, to lead and make executive decisions. 

As Shoppable Inc., expands in the U.S., and while I will still act as it's Chief Marketing Officer, I will divulge more time to our European counterpart to grow it further, and make our group of companies that much stronger, and rewarding not only to invest in, but to work for and with. 

While the details are being formalised, a marketing push for will begin in early 2021, with Shoppable Inc.'s, new U.K. subsidiary taking control of the property and all of it's assets to be managed in partnership with it's U.S. parent company and executive team.