What is Cozy?

What is Cozy?

We believe Cozy.co.uk stands for a sense of belonging, comfort and simply put: happiness. We strive to offer feel-good purchases for our customers, and refreshing sales for our valued suppliers. Being totally transparent with every stakeholder in our business is the aim of the game... Treating them how they should be: ethically and with the respect they deserve.

An online concept store focused on improving the home, body and mind, Cozy was born in the COVID era where the mood of the nation has never been lower. We are trying to tackle this problem by providing some interior therapy and happiness into customer's lives. On this end, in 2021 we will be forming a partnership with a mental health charity, of which we will donate a % of our commissions on every sale. We are also beginning a blog series on mental health with some psychologist partners, and how your home can play a huge part in this.

We also believe the monopolistic nature and anti-competitive practices of the e-commerce giants is something to be slowed down. After speaking with hundreds of suppliers since November, we are seeing an undercurrent of feeling that suppliers are not being given a fair chance. At Cozy, we give more care and attention to the processes of buying and selling online, for customers AND suppliers.

Another core message within our platform is sustainability. We want to help save the planet with our partnerships with some of the best sustainable brands in Europe, found in our Sustainability category.

The team behind Cozy have the mission of wanting to make buying and selling as comfortable an experience as possible and that is why we go the extra mile in our end-to-end customer/supplier support.

Let us make the world a happier, more Cozy place.