Interior Therapy: The Cozy Way

Interior Therapy: The Cozy Way

Sick of the sight of your home right now? As lockdown life marches on it's easy to feel trapped, stressed or anxious. But what if you could change your home from your cluttered kingdom to your peaceful sanctuary? It's time to de-stress your home with some interior therapy!

Employing some interior design principles around your home can really enhance your sense of wellbeing leading to decreased stress and better mood. Sense of wellbeing starts with the senses so lets start with the most immediate: what we see.


Tidy Up!

Decluttering your workspace will instantly enhance the aesthetics and functionality of any space, plus provide you with a little hit of dopamine from that sense of accomplishment. 

One of our favourite sellers is the brilliant Decorotika, check out their corner bookcase which will help you no end. 


Take advantage of natural light, get as much as you can! Mirrors can be a great way to reduce your dependency on bulbs as they will help to reflect more light around your home, but also consider changing your current lighting setup. For example, changing harsh overhead lighting to softer lamp light is a great option to give a warmer, cozier feel. 

Check out the wonderful Candellux’s 5-light cluster for enhancing your lighting game!

Space economy

Decorate your spaces appropriately according to size, to make a smaller room feel airier select furniture with legs, cut outs and clear tops, to increase visual size and air-flow. 

Another shout out to Decorotika, the masters at space economy, with their 3-piece nesting coffee table set. Just search ‘nesting coffee table’.


For maximum relaxation and a snug, safe feeling use warm colours. Warm colours can be used to enhance cool colours, meaning you can use any colour you like really so long as you coordinate it carefully for maximum effect. Color schemes are personal and will vary from individual to individual, so don’t be afraid to experiment to find your perfect. In general though blues are associated with peace, confidence, stability and calm whilst greens are associated with health, growth, safety and relaxation.

Check out Legendarte’s collection to bring some colour into your home, especially the Vincent van Gogh room dividers!



Fluff it up

This is one of the most important senses in the home, it’s all very well how something looks, but how does it feel? We all want that piece of furniture, maybe an armchair or sofa that we can joyously slump into at the end of the day, but what do you buy? Well first you need to know yourself, are you a hard or soft person, would you like a firm support or a worn in armchair?


Don’t stop there either, why not add some soft fluffy pillows, or comforters? A blanket or throw complements many sofas and enhances that feeling of being snug and safe from the pressures of the outside world.

Bizzi Growin is our premium baby accessory supplier and their fluffy baby blankets are second to none. Check out their fluffy pink blanket.

The walls

What relaxes you the most? Is it photos of loved ones? Landscape paintings? The Beach? These are great visual aids but think about how you want your wall to feel too, for example you could use interestingly textured paneling or add sculptures, the possibilities are endless!




Another quick idea you can incorporate right now for free, simply browse music libraries, or open up YouTube to find some relaxing sounds or music of your choice, to lighten the mood and keep you chilled.


Water has been both a source of relaxation and inspiration since time immemorial, imagine how pleasant it would be to have the sound of a trickling stream in your home. You don't have to go big for this luxury either so don’t worry if you don't have a garden or large living area, simple desk fountains can be purchased online and you can even get them solar powered to be more eco friendly.

Wind chimes

This one is particularly popular, who doesn’t love the sound of a good wind chime? This goes especially well with a good bird feeder, if you find nature relaxing. If you are lucky, you may get some bird song to accompany the wind chimes sporadic melodies.



Natural scents

Think lavender, sage, rosemary, all great for easing the mind. You can easily grow these yourself to keep things cheap and just cut off sections to bring inside when you feel like adding a little scent to your home.


Scented candles have long been popular as a method of relaxation, and with a wide variety available it’s fun to experiment and find your favorite scent. Natural candles are the most eco-friendly, soothing your mind without adding soot or pollutants to your room.


This is a great one visually and if you can get a great smelling plant too it's a win-win. Picture how you want your room to smell, if you love the forest for example, maybe you want a pine theme for a room, consider purchasing discrete pine plants and investing in scented pinecones to enhance the forest atmosphere.


With so many working from home, it’s easy for the home to lose it’s function. Your kitchen can quickly change from a relaxing retreat to a high stress office, so it's important to take this into account for interior therapy to be effective. 

This will depend on how much space you have available, but try to limit yourself to only working in one room if possible, or making sure you tidy away all visual reminders of work at the end of the day, to get you out of that office mindset and into relaxation mode. 

It is especially important that you do not use your bedroom as a workstation, your bed should always be a safe place to retreat to, you don’t want to confuse that with the office or you will never leave!

The old adage “don’t take your work home with you” is easier said than done these days so good luck and remember, home is where the heart is!

By James Weber