National Sandwich Week

National Sandwich Week

Most people will have eaten a sandwich at some point in their lives, perhaps a falafel and hummus on rye or a cheeky fish finger sandwich which brings back childhood memories.  It is estimated that over 300 million sandwiches are eaten everyday in the United States alone. What you might not realise though is that the humble sandwich as we would recognise it is believed to have been created almost by accident. 

The story goes that the Earl of Sandwich was a bit of a gambling addict. He was playing a particularly long game of bridge one day in 1762, when he asked for food to be brought to him. Not wanting to leave the gaming table, he placed meat within slices of bread and, so, the sandwich was born. Of course, this wasn’t the first time that someone thought to ‘sandwich’ a filling between bread products, it had been practiced for centuries in places such as Turkey and Greece.

The British are so proud of their sandwich-making roots that an entire week every May has been dedicated to celebrating all things sarnie. There is also a global day of recognition in November.

The choice of fillings for your perfect sandwich is endless. Good old-fashioned Cheese and Tomato, the ever-popular BLT or the subtly spiced Coronation Chicken all feature in the top 30 sandwich fillings according to a survey performed by Warburtons in 2020, but it was the ever popular Bacon Sarnie which claimed the sandwich crown. Once you have chosen your preferred filling, there is then the decision about which bread is best. White, Wholegrain, Sourdough, each one adding different qualities to your finished product.

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