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Brand Spotlight: Snuggy
May 30 2022 Joe Todd

Brand Spotlight: Snuggy

The World’s Comfiest Hooded Blanket just got even comfier. 

Snuggy is a fantastic UK-based brand who provide luxury, premium quality loungewear and home items. All products are 100% cruelty-free and machine washable, despite their silky-smooth feel. Snuggy do not compromise on quality and are made to last with their highly durable materials, guaranteeing that a machine wash will not ruin their soft and cosy feel.  

Their most famous item is the oversized hooded blanket which is adored by many members of the public, including celebrities such as Lizzo. The iconic hooded blanket provides warmth and cosiness for the cold winter or chilly summer nights and is perfect as a gift for a loved one (or even a gift to yourself!). 100% sherpa fleece in the lining and a smooth flannel fleece on the outside making you irresistible for others to touch. Available for adults, children and pets, Snuggy Hoodie Blankets are like receiving a warm, cosy hug.

Snuggy has some other great products that use the cosy sherpa fleece and smooth flannel to create the perfect material including joggers, socks, and hot water bottles. Complete the collection and be the cosiest cocoon of warmth. 

Sleep matters to Snuggy, which is why they have created a line of products to help you get the best night of rest possible. The Snuggy Pod which is an ergonomic and unique bed tent that makes falling asleep and waking up smoother by reducing ambient light and creating a cosy atmosphere. With an easy setup, this portable sleep tent can turn any space into the perfect sleeping environment. Perfect for kids to add a fun, yet functional addition to bedtime. Also great for night shift workers and people who need the feeling of calm and protection before falling asleep. 

Snuggy have also produced sleep masks made from 100% pure, breathable mulberry silk. These sleep masks can defend your eyes from malignant bacteria without drying them out. The mask is supplemented with Amino Acids to take care of your skin and deter wrinkles. Designed with comfort in mind. Paired with the Snuggy Sleep Mist and falling asleep will be a blissful experience.

Check out the Snuggy Range now at 

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