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About Us

About Us

Cozyoffers customers an effectively curated and exclusive shopping experience with a supplier & customer-centric approach to deliverables. Cozy was founded by Joe Todd and Terry McGinnis, whom had previous successes in the world of technology and digital commerce. 

Here at Cozy, we'd like to think we provide a new definition to 'comfort, happiness and reliability' via offers of supreme service for suppliers, a unique and exclusive top-end product selection for customers and an extra level of satisfaction for both, to name but a few USPs. Customers come to Cozy for a certain product, but the eclectic mix of choice is sure to make them explore. Cozy has it all, at the most comfortably affordable prices you cannot find anywhere else due to our strong family-like relationship with our suppliers.

In a nutshell Cozy is a breath of fresh air to suppliers and a clean offering to customers which strives to take up a unique place in the competitive digital commerce market that makes buying/selling products feel comfortable, reliable and providing happiness. 

Cozy is Powered by Online Shop.

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