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Returns & Refunds

Return Policy for Buyers

In order to keep Website a fair and balanced place for both buyers and sellers we request that any and all issues with product first be raised with the vendor of the product which you find issue with.

If you are unable to resolve the issue with the seller, you may raise a support ticket and/or applicable refund request. If you do so, please ensure you provide details of your claim, messages, photos and/or screenshots. We will review comments and submissions by both parties, both buyers and sellers and present you with an outcome in due time after review. Please only raise a support ticket and/or refund request if:

  • The product has arrived and is not to the original specification, and/or is not as described;
  • The product has arrived too late - you should look at the product description and/or send a message to the seller to confirm delivery times to your country of origin;
  • The product was not shipped;
  • The product arrived damaged;
  • You are completely unsatisfied with the product and can provide a legitimate reason as to why this should fall under the Return Policy for a refund;

All payments are released after 30-days of the delivery to the seller, or if you confirm the goods as received, provide positive feedback and/or submit a review (whether negative or positive) without taking further action. However, we may allow for 15-days extra depending on which country the product is being shipped to and take into account vendor's past performance. This is due to the fact that sometimes logistics may take longer, in times of national holidays, crisis, and special events to name a few. 

In most cases we will request that you return the original item to the vendor(s) before issuing you a refund, unless the vendor agrees to issue a refund without receipt of goods.

Please note fraudulent claims to discredit vendors may implicate you in defamation action against you by the vendor(s) and (Cozy Corporation LTD.,) its owners and/or operators do not accept liability for any such claims, or actions. All disputes are to be settled between individual vendors and buyers themselves. 

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