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Eva Humidifier



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As a power-woman, Eva blows the mist high up in the air using ultrasonic technology and provides for precise humidification with an external sensor. At the same time, the sensor serves as a remote control so that also the handling of the humidifier Eva by Stadler Form is very convenient. Despite the power, she is a sensitive lady – thanks to the Adaptive Humidity™ technology in auto mode, she automatically adjusts the output level to quietly and efficiently reach and maintain the desired humidity. The selectable water pre-heating not only increases the humidification output, but also emits a comfortable warm mist. Eva is also very flexible and offers the choice of five output levels and selectable humidity from 30-75%. She does not always have to show that she is working – the LEDs can be dimmed or even switched off completely. And to ensure your well-being is perfect, Eva distributes a scent of your choice!

With Wi-Fi: all functions controllable via smartphone app
Precise humidification thanks to an external humidity sensor
Elevated mist outlet of up to 1.4 m allows direct placement on floor

Room size 80m²

Product family Humidifier
System Ultrasonic
Color black
Accessories (included) Water Cube, Anticalc cartridge
Room size m² 80
Room size m³ 200
Capacity 550 g/h
Power level 5
Power consumption 10 – 95 W
Water tank capacity 6.3 l
Noise level 26 – 34 dB(A)
Weight 3.264 kg
Dimensions 196 x 418 x 196 mm

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