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Marimo Necklace




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This necklace comprises a stainless steel chain, connected to a miniature cork bottle with living marimo moss inside.

The cute little charm is gorgeous and requires almost no maintenance whatsoever.

These tiny living balls are special types of moss that grow in the depths of Japanese lakes, and have since gained international fame as many have taken on the Marimo as their 'pet'! While we don't say you have to go that far, it couldn't hurt.

  • The water will need changing once every few weeks, which is a simple case of emptying and refilling with tap water.
  • These miniature marimo terrariums like low light and low temperatures, making them incredibly easy to keep, and to wear.
Please Note:
  • The moss will be already inside the bottles, though we will ship without water to avoid spillage.
  • We can customize the chain length to suit your need.

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