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The Radio Flyer Ranger Wagon is the perfect starter wagon, ideal for pulling kids around the park or to the shops and back and great for when they grow up to pull their friends, toys or better still your picnic around. This Radio Flyer wagon has proved extremely popular alternative for the school run allowing you to leave the car at home and get some fresh air and exercise for both parent and children. The Ranger wagon also features a removeable seat-back with a safety harness making it safe for even young travellers and as with all Radio Flyer Wagons the handle folds away under the tray of the wagon for easy transportation and storage. The wheels have strong solid rubber tyres for a quieter ride and the chassis has a controlled radius turn to give greater stability when cornering. • Smooth seamless body with a rounded tray rim. • Seat back for support with integral hand hold for easy lifting • Safety harness for small children • Long handle for easy pulling and cornering • Solid rubber tyres for a quiet ride • Handle folds under the tray for easy transportation and storage • Controlled turning radius prevents tipping when cornering Dimensioins: 34" long, 15" wide, 4" tray depth. Wheels are 7" wide. Your kids will love this unique wagon and it will provide hours of fun and games in the garden and on the beach