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If you would visit us 11 years ago, when we have started work at Bimago, you certainly won't recognize our office. Not only because it was located in an apartment of the founders grandmother. There also wasn't a crowd of people or large printers. However, there were three young artists with a plan of changing the world... well, at least to beautify it a little. Our first paintings were created in that same apartment and hanged on the walls to dry while we organized an international transport - to the surprise of local residents unaware there was an art gallery next door. Surprisingly quickly the moment came when orders appeared one after the other. Production was planned for a month ahead, and painters worked hard at night, encouraged by hot pizza and jokes of the logistics department, preparing the parcels side by side. Then came time for the first printers. We were as thrilled as children on Christmas Eve, designing patterns for digital images or photographs! To find a place for the new acquisitions (the beginnings of our technological park), eight months after the business launch we moved to a new building with big potential and inspirational atmosphere. You will find us there even today - although the area of our offices and production halls has grown nearly tenfold. Our team was international already from the start. As a result, our perspective has never been limited to only one country. We thought more broadly! At the beginning, most of Bimago paintings went to the homes of German families. Today Bimago supports 11 languages for 17 countries, furthermore our wall decorations found their way a total of more than forty countries around the world. Very distant countries as well - Brazil and Congo. But our records shows packages that travelled up to 14000 km to reach customers in Australia. We come a long way from a startup in a small apartment to an international company with global sales. In 2015 our team counted over 250 employees working in offices and halls with a total area of over than 3000 m2! We have created more than 16 000 original patterns and our 24 printers are just waiting to produce a canvas print, wallpaper or a sticker. We hope that you will find a decoration for your home and join the group of more than 550 000 satisfied customers!

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