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Vitality 4 Life UK was originally created to become the UK’s one stop shop for all things health.... Since it all started in 1995 we have worked globally with some of the world’s top brands and manufacturers which has given us both great experience and knowledge, but the message from our customers has always been the same. “I love your juicer, I love your blender and I love your food dehydrator but my Kitchen cost thousands so I can’t have 3 different shades of red in there”. This is one of the reasons (along with many others) we launched the BioChef family of healthy Kitchen Appliances. Great functionality mixed with superb quality, superior design and most importantly a colour theme that runs throughout. We are so proud of our brand it has become our top focus and allowed us to become truly global, working with distribution partners all over the world including in the USA, Asia, Africa and the Middle East.

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