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Washein started in 2017 as a side project that provided work to local artisans in Colombia, making them feel productive and able to support their children. I, Claudia, felt there was no better way than by the making of what they know best: beautiful and durable straw hats. Little has changed since then, and with the addition of straw bags and winter accessories, our core mission remains the same - creating beautiful artisan-made quality products that positively impacts the maker and the buyer. Since its beginning, Washein has experienced an amazing growth. And since 2018 we have partnered with a family member based in Washein's now second home: London. We still get our products from Colombia, but we now ship worldwide. As a strategic spot, this city has given us so many new options and connections to every point on earth. That means more costumers, more destinations and more productivity, and also the opportunity to get involved in the English-speaking market. We are always looking to add new products that raise the bar on quality, aesthetic, and social impact while keeping our core mission.

Member since 22 January 2021

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