Yappy Kids

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YappyKids is a young yet really fast developing brand of the juvenile furniture from Latvia. The company was founded by Frolov family in 2015 and offers a wide range of modern juvenile furniture with unique and sophisticated design and strict compliance with the European standards. Our furniture offers a unique combination of safety, design, quality, and functionality. More than 10,000 kids from all around the world are able to rest and sleep in YappyKids beds for children: from Riga to London and from Tokyo to Miami! Our Mission The mission of YappyKids is to make each and every moment the moment of healthy sleeping and safety for children, as well as bring happiness and peace of mind for parents! Our Products Our beds for children are produced mainly from the birch, Kaive oak and beech in conjunction with natural lacquers and water-based paints. Furthermore, the stable development of the company allowed producing mattresses and bed sheets in order to provide the ultimate level of comfort for your children. All the models are available in stock and can be immediately delivered to virtually any location in the world. Our Achievements In 2017, YappyIcon became the finalist and managed to overcome hundreds of other companies in order to get the prestigious Kind & Jugend Innovation Award in the German city of Cologne.

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