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The Yavapai is an impressive piece of artwork, furniture and style all in one.

The thick rope works fantastically for anyone looking to adopt a maritime, nautical, barn, farmhouse or industrial theme in their home- no matter which room!

Completely customisable, send us a message if you would prefer 2 shelves, 3 shelves, any size or depth, and we can quote you.

With four reclaimed shelves integrated, this statement piece of furniture not only provides a great “look” but also a barrow load of storage.

-Load it with saucepans, utensils, herb & plant pots and kilner jars in the kitchen.

-Display your favourite ornamentals, show off your house plants and store blankets and books in the lounge.

Lacking storage in your bedroom? Load the Yavapai up with your spare bedding, cushions, blankets, store your books on it and even shoes!

The timber used for the shelves is always reclaimed pine and is sanded to remove any dirt and splinters. The wood is finished with a clear satin varnish to protect the wood and to pronounce the natural grains, knots and colour of the wood.

The shelves may differ in colour minutely from product to product as the timber is a natural and reclaimed one, rather than a manufactured and/ or veneered one.

The rope is included but fixtures and fittings should be purchased separately to ensure that the correct ones are used for the type of wall that the product is to be mounted on.

Dimensions: height 170cm, width 106cm, depth 22.5cm. These measurements are accurate for width and depth and to within 5cm’s for height. The ropes can be adjusted slightly upon delivery of the item.

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  • Linda Harley

    Linda Harley

    We purchased one of these beautiful shelves and absolutely love it! Thank you so much, it looks perfect in our alcove.
    17 days ago Reply

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